Leadership Coaching for SMB’s who want to learn the disciplines of growing a healthy company. Identify your brand, get organized and truly lead your team into success!

Get unstuck and learn how to organize your team, processes, meetings and see your way through
any challenge that comes your way. This program helps the entire organization when you follow the
simple concpets we teach that have been proven to work in all industries and businesses.

“Total Traction” Program Overview

This program offers a more affordable solution for small businesses where we teach the basic methods of operating a healthy company, but your team will need to perform additional reading and tools to truly get the Total Traction you’re looking for. We partner together so you know what to do and when, plus offer a monthly CEO call for Q&A.

Results You Can Expect

• Company-Wide organization
where everyone knows the role they play in the success of the company.

• Clear vision and direction for your Leadership Team and the entire organization.

• Accountability from all where expectations are clearly defined.

• Leaders gain more time to spend with their people and become a true asset for growth.

• How to run effective meetings that get you traction and results week after week.

• New processes that help daily operations and train new employees.

• Define your culture and learn to promote to gain new “right fit” customers and employees.

• Increased Leadership confidence and employee happiness

Program Details


Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching for CEO’s
Certified Healthy Brands Coach for 10GS
Planned Coaching Schedule

Planning Sessions

2-Hour Introductory Meeting (1)
2-Day Kick-Off Planning (1)
1-Day Quarterly Planning (4)
2-Day Annual Planning (1)

Company Snapshot

Team Health Score
Name, Logo, Slogan
Company Stats

Branding Foundations

The Mission & Vision
Purpose “Your Why”
Differentiators & Selling Benefits

People & Culture

Accountability Chart
Core Values “Your DNA”
Team “Fit” Analyzer
Meeting Pulses

Vision & Goals

Your Proven Process
1 Year Plan, 3 Year Goals, 10 Year Vision
Rock Setting, Issues, To-Do’s
Scorecards with KPI’s
Team Orientation

Sales Strategy

The Target List

Healthy Brands EcoSystem

Join the Healthy Brands family by signing up for one of our coaching programs and you’ll receive additional benefits.

Coaching Network

We offer access to a large network of specialty coaches to help tackle challenges or training your company may need.

Fresh, New Sessions

Since our EcoSystem is always building out and improving, newly updated modules and sessions for company growth are always becoming available.

Team Workshops

Our wide variety of team workshops are available to expedite learning, hit goals faster and build team synergy. For beginners or experienced teams.

Project Management

If you have a specialty project you need done such as building a website, onboarding a CRM, Sales Training, etc. We can find the right person in our EcoSystem or Partner Program to help so your progress continues.

Fractional Roles

As you grow, tap into our network of qualified, Fractional CEO’s, CMO’s and CRO’s to help get departments and leadership set up and on track. Each have been trained in the Healthy Brands 10GS System.

Business Valuations

With our 10GS Growth System, the value of your company increased greatly. We offer business valuations to determine what your company is worth on the market today.

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