Leadership Planning & Coaching for companies who already practice 10GS, other programs or just want to get a taste of what professional team planning is about.

This coaching service is really continued help to keep your team on track towards their quarterly and
annual goals. Full Day team workshops help unify and bring your team together for the common good
of the company’s growth. Discuss progress, identify and solve issues and discover how to set the
most important goals and projects in stone with our proven exercises all outlined in our agenda.

“Quartlery Planning” Overview

Schedule quarterly and annual planning sessions in advance for total leadership team participation. Quarterly Planning Sessions are 1-Day Workshops and the Annual Panning is a 2-Day “Retreat” Workshop. We get down into the details that are keeping your company and it’s people from achieving greatness and unleash it all with effective growth plans.

Results You Can Expect

• Identify and celebrate team wins.

• Re-energize Leadership Teams and get them ready to face the next quarter and challenges.

• Team respect and unity where everyone is focused on real growth goals and how to accomplish them.

• Define your 1 Year Growth Plan, 3 Year Goals and 10 Year Vision.

• Learn about issues throughout the organization and what part you play in helping solving them.

• Individual, Department and Company-Wide initiates for total improvement.

• Clarity on who owns what goals, deadlines and all the details of what has to be done for success.

Program Details


Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching for CEO’s
Certified Healthy Brands Coach for 10GS
Planned Coaching Schedule

Planning Sessions

1-Day Quarterly Planning (4)
2-Day Annual Planning (1)

Vision & Goals

Team Health Score
1 Year Plan, 3 Year Goals, 10 Year Vision
Rock Setting, Issues, To-Do’s
Scorecards with KPI’s
Team Orientation

Healthy Brands EcoSystem

Join the Healthy Brands family by signing up for one of our coaching programs and you’ll receive additional benefits.

Coaching Network

We offer access to a large network of specialty coaches to help tackle challenges or training your company may need.

Fresh, New Sessions

Since our EcoSystem is always building out and improving, newly updated modules and sessions for company growth are always becoming available.

Team Workshops

Our wide variety of leadership team workshops are available to expedite learning, hit goals faster and build team synergy. For beginners or experienced teams.

Project Management

If you have a specialty project you need done such as building a website, onboarding a CRM, Sales Training, etc. We can find the right person in our EcoSystem or Partner Program to help so your progress continues.

Fractional Roles

As you grow, tap into our network of qualified, Fractional CMO’s, CEO’s and CRO’s to help get departments and leadership set up and on track. Each have been trained in the Healthy Brands 10GS System.

Business Valuations

With our 10GS Growth System, the value of your company increases greatly. We offer business valuations in case you want to sell your business through our Business Broker Services.

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